Model B, a platform created by a team of serial entrepreneurs, founders, creators, investors, marketers, engineers, and artists to enable your company's scale and growth.

  • Who We Are

    Model B is a technology-enabled managed services firm, offering support in growth-critical, resource-intensive areas for your company. We help you to manage your brand and finances; grow your subscriber list and sales pipeline; and influence your marketplace and key audiences. We deliver managed services that are transparent and realistic, backed by quantifiable and meaningful metrics – removing the fluff and inefficiencies of historic outsourcing models.

  • What We Do

    Finance & Accounting | Digital Marketing | Media & PR

    Our managed services are built intentionally to provide you support when and where your company needs it, because – as entrepreneurs – we know the value of flexibility. We work with you to identify and fill gaps, from finance to marketing, in the timeframe that supports your growth goals.

  • How We Do It

    Our human engines are the growth-hacking secret behind Model B. To deliver our managed services in a cost-effective way, we combine smartly automated software with a team of highly trained professionals and specialists. This brings you the support and quantifiable metrics you need, with a hands-off approach and cost point that won’t drain your resources.

builders of companies that disrupt, change, and influence.


    Tools to manage your company.

    Social Media Engine

    Manage your social content, platforms, and community.

    Numbers Engine

    Manage company transactions and bookkeeping.


    Tools to grow your business.

    Lead Engine

    Grow your pipeline of potential buyers.

    Pipeline Engine

    Track the cost of converting a lead to revenue.


    Tools to disrupt and influence your market.

    Inception Engine

    Influence opinions among key audiences.

    Public Relations Engine

    Increase brand awareness through earned media & PR.

a platform to help you achieve the unbelievable.


    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    Leaves a lasting impression on others, inspiring them to join in accomplishing a new future.

    A successful founder, CEO, and investor, Abtin is committed to working with entrepreneurs and companies to build sustainable business models, create strong workplace cultures, and drive value to their clients and customers.


    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    Discerning and rigorous, often calling the team back to core values, traditions, and original purpose.

    Armed with a wealth of financial management expertise, Dan provides companies with mission-critical counsel on financial modeling and forecasting, helping early-stage companies effectively scale and mid-cap and larger companies maintain sustainable growth.


    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    Able to rally the troops and get them excited to try things they might not otherwise attempt.

    A natural builder and problem-solver, Ashtan is a brand and digital strategy advisor who works with executive teams to build systems and influence platforms that shape perception, change public opinion, and drive marketplace shifts.

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We are Model B, not Model A. We believe even a great Model A – a fantastic concept – needs regular refinement to achieve long-term success. That’s why we exist: to provide you with the tools, support, and access your company needs to achieve your dream. Let’s achieve the unbelievable together.