Account Director

Our company is built to help companies manage, grow, and influence their marketplace. Our clients range from venture-backed early stage companies, to trade associations and nonprofits, to Fortune-level global enterprises.

We are looking for the next rock star to add to our rock band. The role of Account Director at Model B is a challenging one. Its focus, first and foremost, is business development and the best suited candidate for this role is a revenue hunter.

The ideal candidate embraces the process of identifying, unearthing, nurturing and closing new business opportunities. They have a unique “digital advertising generalist” skillset (meaning they understand the digital advertising process and the necessary tools and strategies required to address complex challenges for their clients), while having the tenacity required to crush it in revenue generation. Equal part Salesperson and Strategist, our Account Director represents the first impression of our company, and therefore must be confident, persuasive, and extremely personable.

Our approach to digital marketing, the tools we use, and how we connect them to our advertising environment/processes allow our clients to gain the furthest reach with their ad dollars. We’ve put people, companies, and associations into the spotlight, changed the course of legislation, and grown massive followings for our clients. Our business’ core competencies revolve around the mission of execution on our client’s growth or influence strategies: (1) website [web property] development/maintenance; (2) creative asset development; (3) advertising.

We expect you to be able to not only help our products and solutions shine, but also manage strong relationships with our clients, and continue to expand our footprint by onboarding new relationships and new accounts in the Washington, DC area.

Who you are:

  • Revenue Hunter and Closer: You are hungry for the hunt of closing new projects and new revenues for the sake of building awesome things that solve hard problems for our clients
  • Metric Oriented: You are comfortable (and confident) in projecting revenues and recognize that one of the critical measures of your success is based on hitting revenue targets
  • Relationship Maven: You are a natural networker & people-lover, someone near-constantly out & about at meetings, events, HHs, big or small, keeping your Rolodex tight & right
  • Confident: You are a natural at conveying value, and you know how to stand your ground
  • Innovative: You are curious and excited by new ideas
  • Enthusiastic: You are energized by a fast-paced environment
  • Team player: You are comfortable working as a part of a team and are self-motivated and committed
  • Coachable: You are receptive to guidance and exhibit a desire to learn
  • Organized: You are focused on details and keeping track of everything

What you’ll do:

  • Nurture and close new logos and revenues
  • Grow and evolve client relationships “past the campaign” to winning the business into long term partnerships
  • Strategize solutions to our client’s growth and influence challenges/opportunities
  • Help oversee quality of day-to-day communications from the Model B client team to the client
  • Ensure that marketing-speak language is a match down the line: from proposals, to contracts, to deliverables
  • Stay up to date in the digital industry, attending workshops and community events as-needed to ensure we remain on the cutting-edge

What you should have:

Our preferred candidate is exceptional at relationship management, capable of managing a diverse set of personality types to ensure client expectations are communicated, managed, and executed upon. They are driven to task completion and has a strong entrepreneurial mindset that shows desire to help companies manage and grow in their industry. More preferences include:

  • You are a known quantity in the industry, at least by past clients and colleagues. You have meaningful experience in at least 1 of our company’s 3 core competences
  • Exceptional at understanding people and what makes them tick
  • Exceptional at understanding, unpacking, and managing client expectations
  • Great organizational and learning skills, with the ability to manage a wide range of relationships
  • Experience working as part of a team that consist of both internal and external resources
  • Comfortable with setting, managing, and delivering on expectations in a fast-paced environment
  • College level education is preferred but not required
  • Strong foundational knowledge of
    • paid digital advertising, social media, and online social media tools
    • marketing technology and its interconnectivity to website/web properties

The good stuff:

  • Laid-back, fun, and super casual office environment
  • Unbound commission program
  • Bonus program
  • Profit-sharing program
  • Downtown location with easy metro access (and beautiful office)
  • Flexible time-off policies
  • Medical/dental/vision insurance