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We are enablers of the American Dream.

We’re seasoned entrepreneurs who created Model B to provide the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to drive the growth of our clients and expand their influence.

We are the evolution of the traditional digital marketing agency.

Our offerings bring together creative web design, finely-tuned metrics-based advertising, and brand-aware content to build beautiful things that inspire action.


We bring together the knowledge of our data-driven, business-savvy strategists with digital marketing experts and data engineers. By defining your advertising objectives and reducing them to measurable events, our team will align your advertising spend with your desired outcome.

Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is our unique process of defining, testing, and increasing the success of your digital conversion-based marketing efforts.

Influence Marketing

We work with your thought leaders and executives to empower strategic campaigns with goal-oriented digital tactics that measurably increase reach, while only targeting relevant audiences.


We don’t just build web sites. We blueprint and build a digital engagement machine for your business. We avoid the traditional model of web design and development because it leaves you with an outdated web site shortly after implementation. Your products, services, sales, marketing, and advocacy processes evolve – so should the central tool sharing the story behind them.

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We create brand-empowering creatives, from brand collateral to social content; our creative mechanics build beautiful things that capture the attention of your audiences. 


We can take your existing brand to the next logical creative step – or help you bring a new idea to life.


Whether it’s a billboard for Times Square or a month’s worth of social media content, we develop engaging and beautiful on-brand creatives.

Dan Bender

Co-Founder & Partner

Paige Bradford


Abtin Buergari

Co-Founder & Partner

Liv d’Aliberti

Data Analyst

Ben Huizinga

Client Manager

Katheryn Kim

Client Manager

Mark Minicucci

Creative Technologist & Partner

Ashtan Moore

Co-Founder & Partner

Greg Nicpon

Design Director

Ryan Peper

Operations Manager

Janet Waring

Vice President

Mohib Zubairi


We’d Love to Work With You.

We’d Love for You to
Work With Us.

Model B Internship

Our internship program has a solid focus on helping individuals in the program understand their immediate strengths, their weaknesses, and their career path.

Model B Loves Their Clients